Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I want to get a Tattoo!?

I want to get a tatto to signify the most important part of my life my family, does anyone have any ideas? i was thinking a bible verse, does anyone know any good ones about family?
I want to get a Tattoo!?
In order to signify the most important part of your life and family - this is something YOU have to come up with. We don%26#039;t know anything about you.

Bible verses can be very tricky to tattoo - I have seen so much horrific lettering work - you need to go to someone who shows a lot of this in their portfolio without blown out lines or lines that are thicker in some areas than others, etc.
I want to get a Tattoo!?
A great resource for tattoo designs is discussed at the source below.
Reply:Family Crest, next question.

Do your minutes at palm beach mega tan expire?

i wanted to buy a lot of time and tan until i can go to the beach, so i will have a lot of minutes left over. Will i be able to use them in the winter then ??? or do they expire???
Do your minutes at palm beach mega tan expire?
with most tanning salons they don%26#039;t expire unless you buy a certain package like.. you pay a certain amount for unlimited tanning for a month. but with most tanning places where you just buy minutes, they just carry over until you use them all up.

Best way to even out tan?

Because I play tennis a lot (atleast 4:30 hours a week, and will be about 9 hours starting next week) and it%26#039;s the Summer, I have a really bad farmer%26#039;s tan. My face, arms, and legs are really tan, but my chest, back, and feet are totally pale. If I went out to tan, the pale skin would become tanner, but so would the rest of my body, and I would be tanner, but there would still be noticeable tan lines. What%26#039;s the best way to even it out, even if it%26#039;s not perfect?
Best way to even out tan?
If you did go out and tan, as you said, all of it would get darker, but the (already) darker skin wouldn%26#039;t tan as much, leaving you looking more even. Also, try exfoliating with a loofa and/or exfoliating scrub. It will remove dead skin on top and make your tan look a little lighter.

Tongue piercing ripping?

HI, I got my toungue pierced a little over a week ago and the whole is getting bigger around the piercing, ripping I guess. My friend said its because i wiggle it around to much and when I eat I accidentally bite the ball sometimes so that could pull it also. Is it going to heal if I try to stop messing with it or is it going to be permanently torn? Is there anything I can do to make it better without taking it out?

Tongue piercing ripping?
You need to go see your piercer. You could be rejecting the piercing or getting an infection. If you did rip it, rinse with a solution of non-alcohol mouthwash and water (mix half and half) and be VERY careful about biting and playing with your piercing.

Also, did your tongue swell after the piercing? The hole could feel bigger because your swelling is going down.

Best advice: contact your piercer and tell him/her what%26#039;s going on.
Tongue piercing ripping?
I have my tongue pierced my didnt rip at first but now i do have a big hole. If you leave it alone it should heal but not completely. you should try your best not too pull it too much because after some time of pulling the piercing the hole can get really nasty. my friends has some really nasty skin around it. but yeah it should heal.
Reply:Maybe you should consider taking it out and letting it heal up as much as possible and consider a belly ring or lip ring. somewhere where food wont be able to cause a bigger hole.


Is proactiv good for soothing bumps in bikini area?

When I get my eyebrows and upper lip done, proactiv seems to always calm/prevent wax bumps... could this work the same way for my va-jay-jay after getting a brazilian?
Is proactiv good for soothing bumps in bikini area?
Is proactiv good for soothing bumps in bikini area?
Reply:No proactive is for zits not bumps from shaving or waxing. Try bikini zone for your va-jay-jay.
Reply:I have no idea but I to get rid of the bumps try %26quot;tend skin%26quot; if you want you can look it up on I tend to get really bad bumps on my legs and this stuff works great.

My best friends wants to have dark circles under her eyes?

my friend has normal eyes and she wants to get black circles under her eyes because she works real hard and stays up till three oclock in the morning to finish the projects we had to give in, but seems to never get black eyes. she is stupid and i told her, but seems as if wants them soo bad.

any ideas how she could get them she wants to look very tired, any help would be great

thnxs =D
My best friends wants to have dark circles under her eyes?
Don%26#039;t tell her how to get them. Duh. I wish I had normal eyes.
My best friends wants to have dark circles under her eyes?
the best way is too not sleep now it may become hard not to sleep so try drinking caffine and staying awake coffee tea any drink might help or turn to make up and take shades of purple and little black nand smudge around eyes try not to blink often read in dim light
Reply:why the hell does she want panda eyes?

she should be happy her eyes are normal
Reply:umm she can just buy black makeup and make it her self

bc the black circles are eventually going to go away...
Reply:put on eyeliner before you go to bed and when you wake up VOILA
Reply:Uhhhhh...why does she want circles under her eyes? For attention? Does she want to look ill?
Reply:I wish I could trade with her. Tell her to appreciate what she has cuz they may not stay that way always!
Reply:keep on playing your playstation or PC for atleast 5hrs a day and dont sleep for a week in the night.
Reply:If she wants dark circles whoop her azz and punch her right in the Nothing causes dark eyes like a good old gang fight.
Reply:Well, that%26#039;s fairly easy to accomplish :P

Get a blacky/bluish tinged eyeshadow and apply a small ammount under her eyelids in the creases she already has. If she doesnt want to use the eyeshadow, if you rub eyeliner and blend it in heaps (black) it will work. also put a bit of pink and purple in, if its just black it looks fake :)

Good luck :)

WHat is the best short and long term acne cream or medicine?

try aspirin mixed with water. tell me if you got it right
WHat is the best short and long term acne cream or medicine?
If you arel ooking long term, perhaps you should explore other options such as food for healthy skin.
WHat is the best short and long term acne cream or medicine?
Acne Getaway 101e is a fantastic lotion that you apply to your skin morning and night after washing (and once in the afternoon if you have very bad acne)

Its available from Chinese herbalists/acupuncturists but you can get it online for a much lower price.

It takes about 2weeks of use to begin to notice a difference - although it begins to reduce redness from a couple of hours after you put it on.

You can expect to be completely acne free in 6 to 8 weeks and the manufactures reccommend that you continue to use the product for 24weeks to ensure the spots don%26#039;t come back.
Reply:Try this routine it helped me a lot!!!

Morning- Wash face with only non perfume soap and water

apply diluted tea tree oil with a cotton wool bud to the affected areas leave on to dry.

Dont wear make up

Night- Wash face with water and non perfume soap

apply sudo cream onto spots leave on over night

Once a week use a deep pour clensing face mask!!

eat 5 pieces of fruit a day.

Drink pleantly of water.

Your skin will be clear in no time!

Keep it up even when spots have gone :D

Your skin will be glowing in no time!



seriously , i tried every drug store brand cleanser and acne treatment out there, but proactiv was the only one to clear me up!!! its amazing, and it took about a month to see full results, but it is SOOOOOOO WORTH ITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

i love it!

you should definately try it!!!!!!!